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Dark Chocolate Drizzle & Nuts:

  • A rich dark chocolate bar adorned with delicate white drizzle and whole nuts. The perfect blend of bitterness and crunch.
  • Marbled Mint Delight:
  • A marbled chocolate bar with vibrant green swirls, hinting at a refreshing mint flavor. Each bite is like a cool breeze.
  • Candied White Chocolate:
  • Creamy white chocolate studded with tiny spherical candies. It’s a sweet symphony of textures.
  • Fruit-Infused Milk Chocolate:
  • Velvety milk chocolate topped with juicy red fruit—perhaps strawberries or raspberries. A fruity indulgence.
  • Nutty Dark Temptation:
  • Dark chocolate generously sprinkled with whole nuts—walnuts or pecans. Nutty goodness in every bite.
  • Elegance in Simplicity:
  • An intricately imprinted dark chocolate bar. Pure, unadulterated cocoa bliss.
  • Seeds & Nuts Milk Chocolate:
  • Milk chocolate speckled with seeds and nuts, creating a delightful texture. A harmonious blend of flavors.
  • Colorful Sprinkle Fiesta:
  • White chocolate adorned with rainbow-colored candy sprinkles. A celebration of sweetness and joy.
  • Berry-Infused White Chocolate:
  • White chocolate infused with the essence of red berries. A delicate balance of creaminess and fruity notes.

This variety box celebrates the artistry of chocolate-making, inviting you to savor each creation. Whether you’re gifting it or treating yourself, these chocolates promise a journey of taste and wonder. 🍫✨🎁

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